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Devils Lake Rock
2531 S.E. 23rd Street
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

Phone: (541) 994-3641
Fax: (541) 994-8418

Types of Rock at Devils Lake Rock

Types of Rock available on the Oregon Coast

Basalt and river rock

Basalt is a very dense volcanic rock cooled under water. Basalt has a variety of uses. A major use for basalt is crushed rock for roads and in concrete. Because of its insensitivity to chemical influences, resistance to mechanical stress, high dry relative density, frost resistance, and sea water resistance, basalt rock is used as ballast for railroad track beds and hydraulic engineering rock (riprap) in coast and bank protection. Not all crushed rock available on the Oregon coast is basalt. Some quarries produce a crushed rock from what is called the Yamhill formation. This is a softer volcanic rock without the density or strength of basalt.

River Rock

River rocks on the Oregon coast are for the most part imported from the Willamette Valley.  They were created by the glacial activity hundreds of thousands of years ago and transported to Oregon by the Missoula floods. River rocks are considered a drain rock and are often used in landscapes.   

Understanding rock sizes

Rock is crushed in a large machine that functions like a pepper grinder.  And, as with a pepper grinder, the sizes of the rocks going through this machine vary in size.  If you wanted your pepper to be a specific size or range of sizes you would screen your pepper with a sieve or a series of sieves.  Same for rocks.

Types of rock size

Rock sizes are usually defined as a range of numbers indicating the largest to smallest rocks in the pile. ¾ minus for example indicates that the largest rocks passed a ¾ inch screen and the minus indicates that the smallest rocks are dust. Minus in crushed rocks is often confused for dirt, but it is not. It is all mineral and is very necessary for achieving compaction. It is fines in minus rock that holds the larger rocks together. This type of rock is a compacting rock used for driveways and applications where strength is required.

Rock and numbers

When the numbers are described as ¾ to ½, for example, it indicates that the largest rock will pass a ¾ inch screen and the smallest will not pass the ½ screen. This indicates that the rock is a drain rock and thus opens and will not compact. It is most often used in application where you want water to flow or drain.


Sand, Gravel and more Cubic Yard
Useful Information (Pounds)
Unit Price per Unit 1 2 3 4 5
Products Local Otis/Depoe Rose Lodge Neskowin Pacific City
Delivery 10cy/3cy $35/20 $60/30 $65/32 $80/40 Hour
Red Fir Dust CY  $        24 Our old standby               600
Red Fir Pebbles CY  $        30 Our longest lasting.  Outlasts dust 3 to 1               530
Hemlock Mulch CY  $        30 Perfect around garden and flower beds.  Good weed control               600
Compost ( Organic) CY  $        34 100% certified organic dairy            1,100
Compost CY  $        24 General purpose compost            1,100
Unscreened CY  $          9 Just as it comes from mother earth            2,200
Screened CY  $        13 Screened to remove roots, rocks and such            2,000
Lawn CY  $        20 Screened with dune sand added.  Perfect for repairing your lawn            1,900
Garden CY  $        35 Our finest.  Made with organic compost, sand and hemlock mulch            1,900
Concrete CY  $        25 For the do-it-selfer            2,700
Dune CY  $        15 Salt free.  Perfect for horse arena footings, volleyball & sand boxes            2,790
Fill CY  $          9 Easy to shovel            2,700
Crushed 1 1/2 CY  $        22 Hard to move with a shovel            2,400
Crushed 1/2" x 1/4"  CY  $        26 Easy to move with a shovel.  Good path rock            2,400
3/8"  Pea Gravel CY  $        29 Easy to move with a shovel            2,300
3/4" River Rock CY  $        29 Harder to move with a shovel
1 1/2" River Rock CY  $        29 Even harder to move with a shovel
3"-8" Cobble CY  $        29 Impossible to move with a shovel
Landscape 12.5' wide SF  $     0.16 Professional quality. Size & effectiveness not available in stores
Road Woven 12.5' wide SF  $     0.18 Perfect support for road rock 3/4"-0  Adds strength to projects
Road Non-woven SF  $     0.14 Fast draining plus added strength
1 1/2"-0 CY  $        22 Use where more strength is wanted            2,660
3/4"-0 CY  $        22 General purpose rock used in roads & walks            2,600
1/4"-0 CY  $        26 Good for trails and paths            2,400  
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