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Products for Devils Lake Rock

We have all your rock and landscaping needs.

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rock and landscaping  product


rock and landscaping  product


rock and landscaping  product

Gravel, Drain Rock, Minus and More..

Gravel is composed of unconsolidated rock fragments that have a general particle size range they include size classes from granule- to boulder-sized fragments. Our Drain Rock is produced from 100% clean recycled aggregates from concrete. We also have all the minus you need! Click Here for the different types of rock.

Bark dust, Bark Nuggets, Hemlock, Sand!

Bark dust is commonly produced from several tree species. The Douglas fir and the northern hemlock are the most common sources of bark dust, with cedar bark also being used. Bark dust may be a by product of lumber production, of yard debris recycling processes, or it may be produced in its own right. Bark dust is typically categorized by the source plant, as well as by the coarseness of the resulting material. Fine bark dusts are used as mulch, with coarser forms being used for weed control, as a playground surface, or for decorative purposes. Click Here for the different types of landscaping supplies.

We also have a great selection of river rock.

River rock can add beauty to your landscape. Varying in size from pea gravel to boulder, river rocks add power and form the backbone of your garden. They can be used to divert water in dry creek beds, define edges in walkways, or create height and depth in ponds and waterfalls. Here is how to landscape with river rock.

Need some large rock for a rock wall?

Need some boulders our large rocks to build a retaining wall. An easy rock wall or a rock garden? At devils lake rock company we have the rock you need and the tools to help set them up!

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