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Devils Lake Rock
2531 S.E. 23rd Street
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

Phone: (541) 994-3641
Fax: (541) 994-8418

Selection of rock at Devils Lake Rock

Here are the different Type's of rocks:

devils lake rock lincoln city oregon

gravel and or minus

gravel and or minus

drain rock

1 inch drain rock

¼” - Minus Rock

  • Excellent compacting rock used on trails and paths.
  • Easily picked up on shoes and pets. 
  • Will support wheel chairs and walking aids.

½” - ¼” Small Drain Rock

  • Small drain rock.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Will work well for most drain applications.
  • Great for pathway
  • Won’t be picked up by shoes or pets

¾” -Minus 

  • General purpose road rock.
  • Ideal for foundations and driveways or any place where compaction is required.


1 ½” - Minus

  • General purpose road rock



1 ½ “ Drain

  • Large drain rock
  • Difficult to handle by shovel


We also have all you Landscaping supply too.

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